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Welcome! We´re pediatricians, Elenka and Katka and we´re here for you. Okidoki is an online consultation room that was made for discussion.
Come and join us to learn more about the health of your children and to look for the roots of problems either usual or ridiculous. We´re interested in everything concerning children, family and pediatrics. We´ll be happy to help you!

We're here
to help everyone

innovative approach

Education, consultation and innovative approach are the principles of our pediatric practice. It is possible to avoid or to solve many problems when focused on prevention. We are going to be your guides and advisors.

at home

Consultation can take place at home or online via video or email. The choice is up to you. We offer consultation services in English, French, Portuguese and Slovak.

Your doctors collaborate on various interesting projects

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We are developing cooperation with our partners Mamaclass and Skutočne Zdravá Škola, which will result in many interesting lectures and other activities. See what we have in store for you in the coming months.

We would love to share some wisdom with you

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You can find a lot of interesting stuff in our blogs that can come in handy in everyday life situations with your children.